Top 6 interior design trends and how to create them in Cedar Architect

A few days ago, the Independent published their interior design’s next six biggest trends for the Lifestyle edition. For our users with a natural appeal and talent for home decor and home staging, here are a few tips on how to put these trends in action using our very own home design and floor plan software, Cedar Architect!

#1 Metallics

These days, bronze, rose gold, gold and silver are really popular. That’s a good thing, because Cedar Architect’s 3D libraries are full of items which you can customize to give them a metallic finish!

To access the customization options, just select the 3D object you want to insert, place it on your plan and select it. If it is customizable, its customization options will appear in the menu on the right. Decorative items, light fixtures, kitchen cabinets as well as home appliances, for instance, can be plated with chrome, standard aluminium, brushed aluminium, copper…

You can also have a look at our materials’ library, where you’ll be able to find textures to dress a wall or part of it with a metallic finish. Among our wall tiles, the Mosaico Plata light grey mosaic in particular will allow you to dress your wall or kitchen backsplash with tiles with a great silver finish!

#2 Textures and layers

Another trend in home design that isn’t going out of style anytime soon: using textures to create contrast. Consider combining cotton or satin with rougher textures, such as leather, linen or even fluffier furs.

Cedar Architect beds, for example, are perfect to give an impression of volume: the pillows, cushions, duvets, covers and bed spreads can be customized separately, which allows you to create a patchwork of textures and designs while remaining harmonious! In order to avoid the cold and severe impression given by perfectly made bed, our graphic designers have designed the beds so that a lot of covers are artistically unmade, which gives them movement.

#3 Go green

Natural tones have been in trend for several months now: from grey to brown to soft greens and blues, interior design clearly favors peaceful color schemes. Cedar Architect has been ahead of this trend, as our libraries of 3D models already provide these color options. All our new furniture, especially that featured in the Styles category, has been designed after this fashion: whether you are into Character, Scandinavian or Modern furniture, you’ll always find this trendy color scheme to decorate your interiors.

This living room can be created in less than 6 clicks thanks to our Interior design furniture packs!

We are also constantly adding to our plants and trees library, so that you can add a touch of greenery to all of your projects!

#4 Go for discreet sophistication

In the next few months, forget about ostentatious, over-the-top interior design and go for minimalism instead! Instead of cluttering a room with a lot of elegant furniture and drowning the overall feel, create a simple home decor with items of furniture: a curved armchair, an elegant dressing table or a few mouldings will be enough to give your room its own chic style.

This reading corner is both elegant and cozy!

#5 Fireplaces

From traditional marble to designer fireplaces, fireplaces are making a big comeback in home design. In Cedar Architect, you will find everything you need in our 3D library with a selection dedicated to fireplaces and wood stoves. Our home design software also allows you to customize the type of flame you want to be displayed in the hearth: a blazing fire, glowing red coals, logs…

#6 Marble

Although it is mostly found in relatively luxurious interiors, marble is starting to spread to all kinds of homes, too. New marble materials are currently being designed by our 3D design teams here at Cedar Architect to fit the demand! In the meantime, if you want to add more marble items to your projects, we suggest you go to our fireplaces, for which marble textures are already available.

What about you? What do you make of these new interior design trends? Will you be trying them in our 3D architecture software or do you have your own tips? Don’t hesitate to share your best home design ideas and HQ images with us!

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