My Sketcher launches new Cedar Architect application and subscription plans!

As of today, you can migrate My Sketcher account to our new application: Cedar Architect.

What do you mean, “migration”?

Migrating means changing from our former My Sketcher plans to our new Cedar Architect plans. By doing so, you’ll get more credits, you will gain access to new features and our new support.

Why you should migrate: Access to our new Cedar Architect plans

If you have not performed the migration, you will not be able to subscribe to our new Cedar Architect plans. You will not have access to our new enhanced support (with knowledge base, dedicated forums, tutorials, support tickets opening and online chat for premium customers) or to some features, such as the 360° Virtual Tour!

After the migration of your account, you will benefit from our new plan pricing, revised to better suit your needs.

While waiting for the official launch of Cedar Architect, discover the new plans that will be offered to you, depending on your type of account!

What does all of this do for you?

New offers still allow you to benefit from our services, while saving money: new subscriptions include more projects and credits for your projects, while being up to half the price of our previous plans.

We also abandoned the test format of our renderings, judged to be too small to meet our quality requirements: now, go directly to HD format!

Cedar Architect has also added new offers, such as the Project plan: for a single payment of €49, you are credited with 5 new projects, 20 HD images. This is perfect for individual customers who want to recharge their Free account without going through a subscription!

We also now provide an annual cheaper subscription for small and medium-sized businesses: for only €99 per year, you can create 20 projects and 100 HD images per year!

360° Virtual Tours

This new feature allows users to create lifelike Virtual tours by placing 360° view cameras.  Access to the 360° cameras is only available with a monthly or annual ultimate account.

It will be offered in packs. For €49, you will be credited with 5 360° cameras to place in your projects. A pack of 10 360° cameras will be offered for €89.

Do I have to migrate my account?

If you do not want to benefit from our new plan pricings, you can still use Cedar Architect without migrating your data. You will continue to be charged according to My Sketcher rates.

However, keep in mind that by remaining under your My Sketcher account, you will not have access to new Cedar Architect services, such as enhanced support, knowledge base, and some new features, including 360° Virtual Tours.

What will happen to my account if I do the migration to Cedar Architect?

By migrating your account to Cedar Architect, you will automatically be assigned the Cedar Architect profile corresponding to your previous My Sketcher plan. Once you perform the migration, you will have access to new Cedar Architect plans and services. If you are a paid subscription holder, your new plan will be invoiced at the next monthly or annual renewal.

If the profile you are assigned does not suit you well, you can still change it after the migration.

This migration from our old system to our new platform is irreversible.

I have a Free account

You continue to benefit from 3 free projects! Better yet, you can now test our HD rendering with 3 free credits instead of just one.

I have a monthly S subscription

With your previous S subscription, you were entitled to 3 projects, 15 test images, 9 web images and 6 HD images per month for €29.

With Cedar Architect, you still pay €29 per month. But with the new monthly Pro subscription, you now benefit from 8 projects and 20 HD images!

I have a monthly M subscription

Your M subscription gave you access to 8 projects, 40 test images, 20 web images and 15 HD images for €49 per month.

For the same price, the Ultimate subscription allows you to create an unlimited number of projects and generate 50 HD images and 8 print images. Ultimate account subscribers can also enjoy an exclusive advantage: the purchase of 360 Virtual Tours!

If you wish to reduce your costs, you can save 40% by choosing a monthly Pro subscription after the migration, at €29 per month. You will continue to benefit from 8 projects and also be able to create 20 HD images!

I have a monthly L subscription

The monthly L offer gave you access to 20 projects, 100 test images, 50 web images, 30 HD images and 5 print images. By migrating to Cedar Architect, you are upgrading to a higher range with the Ultimate subscription, while paying half the price! Now, you can create an unlimited number of projects and generate 50 HD images and 5 print renderings. 360° Virtual Tours, which are an exclusive Ultimate subscription benefit can be purchased as an option in a pack.

I have an annual S subscription

With the €290 annual S subscription, you were limited to 36 projects, 180 test images, 110 web images and 75 HD images per year. Your new annual Pro subscription will give you access to 100 projects and 250 HD images per year, for the same price!

I have an annual M subscription

As an annual M subscriber, your advantages included 100 projects, 480 test images, 250 web images and 180 HD images per year, for €490. With the annual Ultimate subscription, you unlock an unlimited number of projects, 700 HD images and even 60 print images for the same price! You will also have access to the exclusive purchase of 360° Virtual Tours.

I have an annual L subscription

As an annual L subscriber, you were entitled to 250 projects over the year, as well as 1200 test images, 600 web images, 400 HD images and 60 print images for €990. With the annual Ultimate subscription, you only pay €490 and now benefit from an unlimited number of projects, 700 HD images and 60 print images! As an Ultimate subscription holder, you will also be able to purchase 360° Virtual Tours packs.

I bought a pack and have not consumed everything yet: what to do?

If you had purchased a 20 low resolution images pack for €19 or a 10 high resolution images pack for €39 on My Sketcher, and you have not finished using all of your credits, do not worry. You will be credited free of charge with a 20 HD images pack (for a value of €39) when migrating your account.

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