• $59 / month
    • Unlimited Projects
    • 50 HD Renderings
    • Optional Print renderings
    • Optional Virtual Visits
    • 15 day Free Trial
    • 3 free Projects
    • 3 free HD Renderings

Recharge packs



  • > How do I start using Cedar Architect?

    To start using Cedar Architect, simply create your account! Your Free Trial allows you to test our 3D software to its full features extent for 15 days with 3 projects and 3 HD renderings for free.


  • > How do I switch from Free trial to a subscription?

    After 15 days, we will automatically suggest you switch to BUSINESS. You can also subscribe at any time from your profile Page (Change offer.)


  • > How long does my Cedar Architect contract run if I subscribe?

    There is no minimal commitment on Cedar Architect! You are free to resign at any time.

    Our subscriptions are automatically renewed from month to month on the anniversary of the date of your initial subscription.

    Please note that if you resign in the middle of a month, you still owe Cedar Architect the full amount of your monthly subscription. We do not offer refunds on a pro rata basis if you resign prior to your monthly renewal.


  • > Can I recharge my account if I don’t have enough credits?

    Of course! If you have used up all your credits before your subscription is renewed or want to activate Virtual Visits on your account, you can buy one of our recharge packages to refill your inventory. These packages don’t expire: as long as you have a Cedar Architect subscription, you retain all credits acquired separately from your subscription even after your global monthly renewal.


  • > What is the difference between Print and HD images?

    The difference between Print and HD images is the size of the rendered output. Print images are 3840×2140 px while HD images are 1280×720 px.


    • > Do you charge VAT?

      European Union users will be charged VAT. All prices are shown on our website exclusive of tax.


    • > Do you have another question for us on our subscriptions?

    • Contact us!
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