New 3D rendering engine available: even more realism and more quickly!

New 3D rendering engine available on My Sketcher: even more realism, more quickly!

With the new rendering engine in My Sketcher, you can produce you HD visuals even more easily, quickly, and in a very realistic way!

How is it possible?
The Software My Sketcher now saves you time with faster image processing and incorporates new environments. It while giving you a realistic positioning of the sun and renderings with a night atmosphere.

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(Watch out: for these new environments like the old ones, it is essential that you choose exterior environments for your exterior renderings and interior environments for your interior renderings.)

This update will give a much brighter effect to the interior environments improving the light perspective and their exterior use would overexpose your images.

The My Sketcher team reinstated old environments (which have been readjusted).

Coming soon: this new version of the rendering engine will improve:  
– The grass renderings
– The tiles and slates rendering
– The hedges rendering
– The interior renderings quality

And of course you will be able to choose your own exterior environments!

Try for yourself!
The tutorials space is just here.

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