Go on a Roman holiday with Cedar Architect

This week, Cedar Architect celebrates the warm and sunny weather by publishing new 3D models for outdoor design! Directly inspired by the architectural and decoration style on the Riviera, they’ll help give your 3D home projects a distinct air of summer holidays.

3D Exterior home design southern style

New 3D models to detail your dream designs

As you select from your furnishings library, look for these new objects to help you create the perfect layouts for your city-urban or country designs.

Design even quicker: find the best furnishings for your designs immediately

Thanks to this organization by type of home, you can identify which products are more appropriate for the balcony of a condo more quickly.

You’re in the middle of designing a 2-bedroom apartment? No need to go through flower beds and flower pots that are much too big for you balcony. The city catalogue only gathers outdoor furnishings that are appropriate for smaller areas, whether it be a shade structure or potted plants.

Top 3 items for a great Mediterranean garden

3D Exterior home design southern style 02

Three sizes of cypress trees

Our Furnishings catalogue already features a number of trees to design your garden : willow, birch, pine… Thanks to our special additions for Southern climates, you can now insert local trees and plants, including three different models of cypresses. If you want to integrate several cypress trees in your garden, you will not have to duplicate and resize them, as they come in different sizes.

On top of saving time, these variations will allow you to feature slightly different-looking trees and generate more natural pictures of your 3D garden design project.

New typical garden boxes

In order to decorate your exteriors, you can now choose items that look like they’re just coming straight out of an Italian garden, such as our stone garden boxes. Our ornamental flowerpots will be perfect to decorate your 3D home projects featuring older refined buildings such as plantation houses or villas. For more modern projects, go for our garden box filled with lavender!

Summer must-have: the barbecue

3D Exterior home design southern style 03

How best to celebrate the warm and sunny weather than with a garden party? Our new, highly realistic grill is the perfect addition to your terrace or deck. If you want to define an outdoor kitchen, consider adding a low stone wall and and protect guests from the sun by adding a nice shade structure or pergola.

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