Cedar Architect 3D library additions: everything you might have missed since our latest update

Provided you survived this Friday 13rd, you’ve got the whole week to explore the new furniture and materials that we have made available for you over the last few days!

Additional materials have been added to our texture and customization catalogues

New textures required by our customers have been designed and added to our 3D libraries by our graphics engineers. For your bathroom and kitchen splash tiles, we recommend our new tiles with graphic black and white geometric patterns. This vintage pattern can now be applied to your walls, floor and overall surfaces and is very trendy at the moment.

3D kitchen remodel with vintage splash tiling

This catalogue update also features additional Scandinavian patterns and an ethnic, beige fabric with embroideries to customize your rugs. One of them features colorful patterns which will light up your interiors with a subtle touch of yellow! The other one is a patterned beige and white cotton rug; it will fit perfectly to your peaceful atmospheres with color schemes inspired by nature and pastels. This rug will make your floor brighter and create a feeling of space, therefore making your room look bigger.

Sixteen new patterns for roof tiling

You are going to have a lot more possibilities for your roofs from now on! In order to make it easier to find which tiling you want, our roof tiles are now organized by type of tiles: slate tiles, standard tiles and metal roofing.

Exterior rendering of 3D house project

Furniture: Have a sneak peak at some items of our new Fall collection!

This month, Cedar Architect brings you new Scandinavian decoration and furnishing items for quick and easy interior design. This new additions will allow you to design your whole home in 3D, no matter which room you are remodeling and staging virtually. Discover below what you can look forward to in the next few weeks!

For your living room, you’ll be able to insert for instance a new TV unit, a sitting room package with a couch, an armchair and a coffee table with a matching rug and a second pack featuring three coffee tables. A dining table for six will complete your living room. As to your 3D bathroom, you’ll be able to accentuate its Scandinavian vibe by adding a Nordic laundry basket.

New lights include a standing lamp with Scandinavian patterns and hanging light with customizable lampshades. You will also be able to put the finishing touch to your walls with a wooden, painted clock and a combination of four shelves.

Living room with Scandinavian interior design

Whether your project centers on interior design, remodeling or a construction project that you would like to be able to present in 3D, this new range of furniture will make it easy to create an harmonious atmosphere in a few clicks.

What do you think of these new additions? Thinking of using them soon? What other novelties would you like to see in our next catalogue update?

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