Interior glass walls for optimum brightness and creativity!

My Sketcher software allows you to use fixed-pane windows as glass walls to separate two spaces without lost brightness.

It is very simple:
Go to the “Openings” menu, click on “Large windows” and 4 casement from the “Sliding systems”. Click the sliding glass system displayed below.  With one simple click, add the sliding door  to an interior wall to create a glass wall in your design.

Something to know about:
Some information about the 4-panel sliding door: by default, the glass sliding system is composed of 4 panels with thin trim. It is 14’7” wide  by 7’ high.

You will be able to customize the 4-panel system to fit your design:  Change the trim color, resize, and the elevation on the wall. Shorten the height and raise the sill or bottom to create a half glass/half closed wall effect.


Create a trendy interior! Design a half-open kitchen, but also use to separate your room and bathrooms. Glass walls give a studio, industrial, and modern edge.

Come join us in our ‘Demo’ space. Try the new glass wall and experiment with other ideas.

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