HD visuals even more realistic thanks to the improvement of the exterior environment!

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Our users asked for even better image quality in high definition rendered images and we delivered!  The exterior rendering environments now have less clouds in the sky, reduced color saturation and better distribution of trees in the background.
Another enhancement makes it even easier to choose the right camera for your desired final images.  Now you have 2 sets of Interior and exterior rendering profiles to choose from (see images).
The interior environments are the same but now provide stronger light intensity for better image clarity.

How does it work?

The sun location is based on the 2D plan of the house: In the example above, the house façade faces south.
Each of the sample rendered images (shown on the left) represents the same scene rendered with different sun orientation choices. The sun direction for each is listed below.
Top Image: Sun is from the North
Bottom Image: Sun is from the South
Left Image: Sun is from the West
Right Image: Sun is from the East
Corner Images: Sun is from NorthWest, NorthEast, SouthWest, and SouthEast

The Compass graphic will help you visualize the sun direction.
Now try it yourself!  Feel free to share your projects, ideas and suggestions in our forum and social networks.

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