I’m a real estate developer or ‘house flipper’

Cedar Architect is an innovative 3D solution for real estate development. Particularly suitable for the preliminary phase, it was designed to aid in selling homes and development projects. Particularly easy to use and intuitive, it requires no special technical skills using 3D architectural software. No need for a power-packed machine to get quality renderings because it is hosted online. Our professional 3D software does not use your computer’s resources to generate renderings. All calculations are performed on our servers: you just have to download your photorealistic 3D visuals to present to your customer.

The challenges of selling on plan with real estate 3D

New buildings provide a number of benefits to potential buyers such as the latest building standards, energy efficiency, etc. They also offer them the opportunity to design the plan based on the customer’s vision without having to worry about an existing structure. But buyers today want more than promises, they want to see visuals to confirm plans before starting to build their home.

If the project is in construction, there is no way to tour the finished property to consider purchase. Customers today want more than just 2D plans. With Cedar Architect, you give them more: you give them an immersion experience. Our visualization and planning software allows you to create the interior and exterior of your real estate project with real 3D perspective. Potential customers are introduced to the property in 3D, allowing them to envision themselves living in the home. Your prospects can also see upgrade potential for the home with time to personalize it and make it their own.

A software solution for many professionals

Cedar Architect is not exclusively used as 3D real estate software. We have indeed developed it to suit a wide range of professionals and individuals. It is also the perfect solution for virtual home staging experts, interior designers and decorators, and remodeling specialists. In the real estate sector, it is particularly indicated for small individual home builders and real estate agents.

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