I work as a real estate agent

As realtors, we know that there are houses that sell easily. Others, however, are more challenging. It’s not always a matter of geographical location or neighborhood.

Indeed, the layout and decoration, especially if they are outdated or in poor condition, can make the property less attractive to potential buyers. And this can be true even if the issues can be easily changed or updated later.

While older properties have their own charm, many visitors just see them as old and not good prospects. They find it difficult to put themselves into the space and envision what it could be. First impressions leave lasting effects and can cost a sale.

A solution: 3D and augmented reality

Exterior Contemporary House01

The solution? Help the prospective buyer see the potential in the property. How? By offering them a new view of the home that fits their expectations and shows the real value of the property. Our 3D software assists real estate agents in this process.

3D modeling with photorealistic renderings is a good way of achieving this. There is no need to make the customer work to imagine how changes would make the home suit their tastes. The digital technology of today and the 3D capabilities in Cedar Architect, allow prospects to visualize proposed updates and design changes. Many real estate companies, including real estate developers, are already using this technology to create sales plans and presentations.

Leverage the potential of a room

Dining Room Staged Traditional Cherry01

A room seems a bit small for your potential buyer? With a few clicks, you can show her that she can accommodate a queen bed and a dresser. This office is too small for his taste? Why not make it into a dressing room? Show a sample of how it could be developed by adding some shelving.

What if the house is empty?

Pictures of empty rooms don’t provide an emotional connection for the prospective buyer. An empty room won’t help the person see how a space could be used. It also doesn’t provide a reference of size. Seeing the room decorated with furniture guides the customer to envision themselves living in the space… it helps to personalize it.

Photorealistic renderings help customers see the potential of a house

The layout and renderings of the home help confirm the value of the property and removes questions about how the home suits their needs. Our feedback from professionals working on Cedar Architect confirm that customers really like the 3D technology. Many show more enthusiasm for 3D visuals than looking at simple 2D house plans, simply because they can envision themselves in the 3D space.

Real estate 3D is the future, especially with the future deployment of the virtual tour on Cedar Architect!

And more...

Compact kitchen - Interior Design01

Cedar Architect is perfect for building professionals’ preliminary designs and renovation. Whether you are a kitchen designer, remodeler, builder, even paint professional, Cedar Architect’s ease of use and high quality rendering will make it easy to create and present the plans and visualizations for your projects.

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