Cedar Architect for interior designers and home stagers

The job of the interior designer or home stager is focused on visual appeal and function. Your goal as an expert in decoration: identify the needs and wants of your customers to propose a design that meets their taste and lifestyle.

The ‘Home Stager’ has a unique set of requirements. The stager sets a room with furnishings and accessories to guide a potential home buyer’s emotions about the room/home. The goal is to make the potential customer envision themselves in the home.

Decorating can guide how you use the room by the furniture selection and layout. All of this empowers the designer to help make the property more desirable to the client. Talking about what you propose is helpful but most people need help understanding your vision for the space. You can present a portfolio of sketches to communicate your design ideas. Even better, present a 3D picture to help the customer see your ideas come to life for them. For this, you will need the right 3D design software. With its advanced rendering, Cedar Architect is the ideal tool for creating photorealistic visuals of the highest quality.

Imagine trying to sell a house with empty rooms. Potential customers often just see what is missing instead of seeing the potential in the room. Virtually staging the room with furniture helps a potential buyer envision enjoying the room themselves. Thanks to this visual communication, your customer is immediately reassured that you understand their needs or wants.

Easy to use on the go

Cedar Architect is easy to use and suitable for use on the out in the field. During a meeting with a client, you can adjust the design based on reactions and comments. Quickly make changes such as changing the materials for floors, walls and ceilings, move or replace a piece of furniture or customize it to adjust to your client’s comments. Confirm your client’s approval by exporting a new rendered image.

Note that this use in mobility is also adapted to other businesses, such as builders, real estate developers or real estate agencies.

Customize your design

Interior Living Room (2)

Each project and each client’s needs are unique. Our 3D software allows you to change everything to the smallest detail. Choose from a catalog of decorative items and furnishings, and to fit the unique project need you can also customize the furnishings. Change the legs of the chair from wood to chrome, adjust the width of a worktop, or even change a table size. Cedar Architect gives you control over all design elements and furniture in our catalog. Easily customize your design to match the needs of your client.

Need examples? Find out more about the features in our software for designing interiors, room layout, and home staging. You can also look at examples in our gallery… the images speak for itself.

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