I work in remodeling and construction

Construction and remodeling are often big projects. Bathroom remodeling, kitchen upgrades, building a new house … This work will require a significant investment from your customer, both in terms of funding and time.

3D to sell your projects

Whether one is a home builder or specializes in remodeling, the challenge remains the same. You must demonstrate to the customer that their project is important and in good hands, you know what they need and want as well as how to provide it.

With our software, you can create a 3D design including their ideas, wants, and needs. You can then present high quality renderings to your client and share the final vision with them.

3D architecture for all

Great room with tall ceilings - Interiors

Cedar Architect is positioned as one of the most complete pre-project design and presentation tools for artisans, home construction professionals and SMEs. But we do more than provide you a sales tool to win new business. We also make it easy!

Our pricing has been adapted to suit all budgets, including independents.

Cedar Architect is also suitable for small organizations without a dedicated 3D designer. No need to be an expert or spend hours training to master our software! Anyone can use it to get beautiful results quickly, not just building professionals. Our design 3D software is used by developers as well as realtors. Interior designers can plan interior updates and landscapers can use Cedar Architect to plan outdoor spaces.

The interface is clear and intuitive. The ‘Navigation’ has been designed to help you in each step of your design. We start with the layout of walls and partitions, the definition of the ground plane, and the creation of the roof. The design and decoration of interiors and exteriors in 2D or 3D, and finally creating your HD images.

Save time & money!


In just twenty minutes you can design a house in 3D, arrange the contents, decorate and export photorealistic perspectives in high definition. Still have doubts? Try out our software and create your first 3D project online. You don’t even need to create an account to try it out!

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