Special renderings for exterior views

Who wants to see their house float in the sky in the middle of nowhere, without any kind of neighborhood behind it? No one and certainly not your client, because it doesn’t look real! Enhance your house project by generating outstanding exterior renderings. Our rendering engine offers a great range of options for HD renderings of your garden and exteriors.Sunset, summer sky, street, countryside… You are bound to find the perfect combination for perfect visuals.

According to the level of sunlight and neighborhood (countryside, street), our 3D rendering software recreates natural lighting with shadows as well as a whole scene around your house and 3D garden. As a result, the quality of your realistic renderings is striking. And you don’t need to struggle with settings to generate a great 3D view on the first try! All you need to do is position the angle the way you would position a camera and press the shutter-release button.

Your 3D renderings in two minutes, tops!

Exterior Contemporary House01

Our 3D architecture software meets the needs of professionals. Cedar Architect is easy to use and intuitive, even for beginners in 3D architecture. It is designed to save time at every step of your projects, both in terms of conception and renderings. 3D rendering usually takes up computer memory and time. However, with Cedar Architect, (finally) say goodbye to overloaded RAM and crashes! Our HQ rendering engine doesn’t depend on your computer’s resources: everything is hosted and runs on our own servers.

Did you use to have to wait for hours for your HQ 3D view? Our servers do the job in under three minutes, and can give you Virtual Tours in under 48 hours.

Present your projects in their best light

On top of your exterior visuals, Cedar Architect also generates interior views and birdseye floor plans.

To uncover our software’s full potential, have a look at our 3D gallery!


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