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Cedar Architect provides 2D views for easy creation and documentation of floor plans while also providing customizable 3D views to present your design ideas.

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The 2D plan

First, Cedar Architect allows you to draw the floor plan of your house in 2D. You can export and print this plan, which presents key components of the house: Exterior and Interior walls as well as openings and a roof. It can be completed with a 2D property plan, which maps the boundaries of the property and indicates access routes and elements of your house’s immediate environment, whether it is a single family home or a larger housing project.

These 2D plans of the home and grounds are meant to be technical documents. Their main purpose is to provide the client with basic information: area of each room, location of the different openings, dimensions, etc. It is also easier to make modifications to the floor plan structure when looking at a properly scaled 2D view.

3D plans: a bonus to make the difference


The 3D view transports the client into the home and acts as a complement to the 2D plan. It answers a different, more commercial need: giving a global and detailed 3D projection of the new home. Your 3D plan shows 3D furnishings and materials while giving an impression of realness. In practice, your 3D plan takes the form of a birdseye view of your 3D house, a picture taken from above, or as if you are standing in the room.

A birdseye view retains the scaled layout of the 2D plan and the amount of rich details of 3D design. It presents both the organization of the rooms and the way they’ll look when decorated and furnished.

You can set the angle of your capture in order to get a ‘standing in the room’ view or a birdseye view of your 3D project. And soon, you’ll also be able to design your own virtual tours to discover your 3D home as if you were there!

Because it’s very visual, the 3D plan is very popular with clients. In fact, many clients cannot get a feel for the real space in a home from a traditional 2D plan. 3D helps them see the space as if they are standing in it. Of course, it doesn’t act as a substitute for the plan designed by the homebuilder’s, architects and engineers. But as a sales tool, high quality 3D renderings of both the interior and exterior of the home help connect the potential customer with the property. They are also great to include in your brochures and presentation flyers.

To create a more complete 3D presentation of your home project, you can combine your HQ exterior and interior views. In the future, however, we predict that it’ll be all about 360 virtual tours, exclusively on Cedar Architect!

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