3D technology and virtual reality have never been more popular! This is why realtors, real estate developers and professionals in the home design sector are using virtual tours more and more on top of other interior and exterior photorealistic images.

Clients and prospects can really experience their project through 360° views in which they can actually move around.

Create your real estate virtual tour

Who hasn’t dreamed of visiting a home without having to leave their living room? On top of quality photorealistic images, getting a virtual tour of homes for sale or for rent allows the visitor to visualize spaces and dimensions more easily.

From the condo that needs renovation to the real estate project that has not been built yet, a 360° virtual tour makes it possible to use 3D to have a better understanding of a home’s layout. It can be a powerful tool of persuasion towards a signed real estate contract!


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3D tours for interior designers and remodelers

It can be difficult to get a clear vision of ambitious projects based on only pictures. So if you’ve been tasked with coming up with new interior design ideas, have a renovation project or a remodel in mind, you can use 3D technology to provide your client with a virtual view of the proposed design! This virtual home staging will reassure your clients and answer all of their questions by providing a 360° vision of their project.

How could it help me?

Imagine your frustration… entertaining in your home with your guests in the living room while you are stuck in the kitchen preparing the meal.  What if you could knock down that wall and be part of the conversations? A remodeler draws a 2D sketch to show you the new open space, however you really don’t get a feel for how it will look. Now, imagine an immersive experience that allows you to be inside your proposed new room virtually.  

Cedar Architect’s Virtual Visits create a 360° view of your proposed new spaces so that you can experience the update rather than just look at sketches. A 360° camera placed behind the kitchen island gives you a real virtual view of how your space will look as if you’re standing in the kitchen.

How does it work?

Our premium Virtual Visit feature is available to all Ultimate users. It allows them to place 360° cameras in their project. Set a pivoting camera in the front yard to show the house’s facade, in the backyard with a view of the outdoor kitchen, another one in the living room…

Once you have placed, set and named all your 360° cameras, you can start generating with our virtual tour creator. Depending on the size of your project, the number of cameras you used and your position in the queue, your complete 3D virtual tour is available online in 24 to 48 hours only!

Your 360° virtual tour is hosted on our servers and accessible via a link. This link can be opened with the usual browser on your desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet computer, as long as your device has a working Internet connection. And in order to give your virtual tour the visibility it deserves, your 360° tour can also be displayed directly on your website! We automatically create and provide you with a code snippet ready to be copied and pasted into your webpage.  You can even share your virtual tour on social media through a couple of mouse clicks!

To get from one 360° view to the next, you and your client can move from camera to camera using a map. Simply select the room you want to visit. There’s no risk of getting lost: the customizable name of the room is displayed upon hovering and is displayed permanently so that you always know where you are. Your virtual tour allows you to rotate your view around 360° to discover the new details of your design or real estate project onscreen.

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