How to boost house sales using 3D architecture technology

Cedar Architect is a 3D architecture software designed with the needs of real estate and building professionals in mind. As professionals, they want to be able to generate HQ renderings of their 3D home projects quickly; and most of them aren’t trained 3D designers. Cedar Architect is intended to create and edit preliminary drafts and project proposals simply. These can then be shared with the client and updated based on their feedback, before moving on to the construction phase and the issuing of official building permits.

Our aim: give you the tools to enhance the goods and services you’re offering to individual homeowners. Thanks to our high definition 3D renderings, you are able to give your clients a clear and detailed vision of their projects, with one final goal: increase your conversion rate and boost your sales revenue by signing more contracts!

An extensive tool for all professionals in home improvement and real estate

Our 3D architecture software is designed to be used by a variety of professionals in home improvement, home building and real estate with no prior background in 3D home modeling. You don’t need to be an expert with 3D Cad software in order to design your home online in Cedar Architect. You can process interior HD renderings, exterior 3D rendering as well as 3D floor plans in no time! And the best is yet to come in Cedar Architect with real estate virtual tours, coming soon.


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Our motto: quick results, high quality and easy to use!

Great room with tall ceilings - Interiors

Cedar Architect fits the needs of a number of different profiles from the residential and commercial sectors.

Having trouble selling a house? If you’re working as a real estate agent, you’ll be able to use 3D design software to enhance any house, even older, outdated homes. Organize a showing of the home and use the occasion to present your clients with exterior and interior perspectives of what the house could look like after it’s been renovated. Real estate developers, on the other hand, will be able to edit HD renderings to push off-plan sales. These highly realistic visuals will allow potential buyers to project themselves in the future home despite it not being built yet.

Cedar Architect also didn’t forget home staging specialists. Interior designers can use Cedar Architect to visualize and present in 3D their interior design projects.

Lastly, home builders and renovators will be able to create and present a draft of the “after construction work” outcome and present the ordering customer with anticipated results. Are you looking for a simple, quick 3D solution for great value? Cedar Architect also targets small businesses and independent home builders.

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