Design and remodel exteriors in 3D

One of the distinctive features of Cedar Architect is that it provides tools to design and remodel your garden in 3D along with the house itself. Start by tracing the property lines around your house’s floor plan. Then you can add a pool, grass, a patio or a terrace. This first sketch of your garden, which acts as a complement of your floor plans, can later be completed using our dedicated library of outdoor equipment.

Cedar Architect for outdoor living

Exterior Contemporary House01

Cedar Architect is ideal for professionals and homeowners looking for an easy-to-use 3D garden design software to build outdoor living spaces. Thanks to its additional options, it can be used as a 3D garden planner. Our products library includes among other things a number of plants, trees and bushes to design your 3D garden. You can also furnish your terrace using our library of outdoor equipment, which features pergolas, swings, barbecue grills and cars ready to be parked in the yard. Everything has been thought out to allow you to bring a personal touch to your 3D exterior home design.

Are you looking to convey an outdoor design style in particular? Hesitating between a wooden terrace or tiles? Between a hedge and a picket fence? The surface of every single outdoor object is customizable, from the color of the gravel in the driveway to the shape of the leaves in your hedge.

A large choice of roofs


Thanks to Cedar Architect, builders and homeowners can add a roof to the home they’re designing. Flat roof, single-sloped roof… Our 3D exterior home design software makes it possible to create a number of roofs and to individually set gables and ridges. Note that you can also draw more than just a common four-sloped or two-sloped roof. For those of you who live in regions with particular architectural style, or that are looking for more complex shapes, you will be able to draw advanced architectural designs to suit your style. And on top of adding accessories such as gutters, chimneys, skylights, and solar panels; you can also choose between several types of roofing materials: flat roof tiles, shaped roof tiles, and composite roofing.

The right 3D exterior design software for deck builders

A more spacious and elaborate solution than the typical patio, decks are great to host a barbecue, a garden party and welcome your friends. It can also be a peaceful retreat where you can enjoy a good book in the summer while lounging in a lawn chair. But decks can also be tricky to design in 3D.

Balusters, rails, joists, footings… Cedar Architect allows you to use geometrical shapes to create complex and beautiful decks, which makes it the perfect solution for deck builders to present their ideas.


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