Design a 3D house plan in a few minutes

Cedar Architect is a fast, easy-to-use floor plan tool. It allows you to design a home floor plan quickly and to visualize it in 3D.

If you already have a floor plan in JPEG or PNG format, you can directly import it and quickly trace over the walls, add doors and windows as well as new floors with just one click. Thanks to the many features of our floor plan software, your floor plan is customizable down to the last detail. And because a house is not limited to its interior and walls, Cedar Architect also supports designing your exteriors and 3D garden planning.

You can create up to 3 free floor plans using our 3D architecture software. And as a bonus, there’s no need to install the software. Cedar Architect is an online 3D house plan designer. An Internet connection is all you’ll ever need to access it anywhere.

Professional renderings for all your 3D house plans

Floorplan Birdseye 01

For each of your 3D house projects, Cedar Architect allows you to add customizable labels to each room of your floor plan. This way, you and your clients can quickly see the walking flow from one space to the next. Our floor plan maker calculates dimensions automatically to allow to help you lay out the right space more easily.

Once your project is finalized, you can download your house plan in 2D. This plan is particularly useful to present the overall project plan and see the size or scale of each room. All you have to do once you’ve downloaded your floor plan is to print it.

Useful for homeowners too!


If you are a homeowner planning to buy a house, renovate or sell your home, our floor plan maker will undoubtedly come in handy. Indeed, you can share it on social media, via e-mail or in real life with your family and friend to get their feedback.

Your house plan also allows you to adjust spaces to fit your lifestyle and design preferences. It serves as a great communication tool between you and your architect or home builder in charge of your project.


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From planning to designing

Sitting Room 03

Once you have put the final touches on your house floor plan, you’ll be able to start actually visualizing your house or your apartment in 3D.

Use our extensive library of furnishings and materials to design model and decorate to suit your personal taste!

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