Design your own kitchen floor plan online with Cedar Architect

With Cedar Architect, design a kitchen remodel online and in 3D to visualize the planned renovation. Recreate the existing kitchen floor plan in just a few minutes using the easy to use tools included. Start reconfiguring your kitchen cabinets and furniture instantly!

Our 3D design software includes a dedicated library of kitchen equipment, which can be personalized to suite your design needs. Modify the dimensions, the color and surfaces of all of your kitchen cabinets as needed. Countertops, legs, handles, drawers… everything is customizable so you can design a kitchen that will fit your needs and visualize it in stunning 3D. Cabinets can be resized to control space needed to accommodate a dishwasher while also adjusting the space between countertops and the upper cabinets. Cedar Architect makes designing your own kitchen in 3D easy!


Remodel kitchens can increase a home’s value!

Compact kitchen - Interior Design01

The kitchen is a room which can potentially make or break the deal if you’re looking to sell your house. Did you know that according to a 2010 study, remodeling your kitchen will make for a 37,000$ increase in resale value? Considering the average household spends around 53,000$ on a major remodeling project, that’s a 70% return on investment, a great deal if you consider a new, modern kitchen might mean the difference between a sale and a fail.


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Planning your kitchen remodel using 3D visualization

Sleek modern kitchen - Interior Design02

Along with renovating your bathroom, remodeling your kitchen is one of the most complex projects when it comes to remodeling work. You will indeed have to take a number of technical details into account, such as building codes and safety concerns, as well as current locations for gas lines, water taps, etc.

Thankfully, retailers offer more and more quick and easy solutions to update your kitchen. Simply changing the doors of your cupboards, applying a special covering to your cabinets and countertops or repaint the walls can do wonders. You can give your kitchen a complete makeover with just a few changes!

Cedar Architect helps you picture these kitchen updates in 3D. Start off by redrawing your kitchen plan in just a few clicks. After that, all that is left for you to do is to select your cabinets and furniture to recreate your kitchen. Then the fun part; change the color and texture of the surfaces to fit your update, rethink the location of some items and voilà! Once you have generated your HQ highly realistic renderings, your project is ready to approve and complete.

Still hesitating? Here are a couple good reasons to do your kitchen remodel and use 3D to plan it.

New lifestyle equals new kitchen

Open Kitchen 03

Although Americans don’t spend as much time on cooking as they did a few years back, 79% of American adults still have dinner at home! So what do we do in the kitchen if we’re not cooking? The kitchen has moved from being an isolated space to a place where people spend time together without feeling the need for a formal sit-down dinner in the dining room. As a result, say goodbye to your old separate kitchen and use Cedar Architect to visualize your kitchen remodel in 3D. The open kitchen becomes part of the living room. Kitchen islands are at the top of the list of most popular features for kitchen projects. They replace your former kitchen table and are great for sharing breakfast with your family and as a makeshift bar when you’re having friends over for a drink.

Have a look at all our other tips for 3D kitchen remodeling in our gallery.

The secret to a modern family kitchen

The kitchen is the place where your family gathers in the morning for some breakfast or around the table to share dinner and stories from the day. Whether it is big or small, being able to plan a kitchen in 3D will allow you to rethink its design in order to make it a friendly and pleasant space for the people in the home.

You want a cozier, warmer atmosphere? Why not consider replacing your traditional kitchen table with a kitchen island? You can have a look at our image gallery for inspiration, packed with good ideas for kitchen and home decor. You will also be able to use our furniture/accessory packs to decorate your kitchen quickly!

And if you’ve decided to start remodeling your kitchen but don’t want to make costly mistakes, virtually designing the room can be a great way to plan your update!

Renovate your kitchen to make it smarter

Your house is getting smarter! You can already control a number of house appliances directly from your smartphone and from your connected wearables. Whether it is to wirelessly program your thermostat to adjust the temperature before you arrive at home or to unlock your house using just your smartphone as a key, smart tech is rapidly expanding and taking over your home. Remodeling your kitchen might be just the occasion you were looking for to board the smart tech train! And even if you’re not into home smart tech yet, you still might want to upgrade your kitchen to be more energy efficient or add better lighting … that’ll make your life easier when you’re behind the stove.

Cedar Architect for all your 3D home projects

Cedar Architect is not only a great tool for planning kitchen remodels. It is also a great software tool if you want to create your existing house floor plans and use 3D to visualize the remodel of all the rooms of your home. For example, it will allow you to create your bathroom in 3D!

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