Design a bathroom floor plan online with Cedar Architect

Cedar Architect is a 3D architecture tool which you can use to design any room in a home, even bathrooms, one of the most often remodeled rooms in a home. Create an existing bathroom in 3D and remodel the room by tearing down a wall to expand the space in one single click. On top of making it possible to design a bathroom in 3D, Cedar Architect also allows you to rethink the positioning of plumbing for sinks, showers, and bathtubs.

Once you have drawn your floor plan, you can equip your 3D bathroom using our library of 3D furniture and fixtures. For instance, you can test to see how much space a full bathtub would take up and choose between a bathtub and a shower, or visualize how your bathroom would look if you went from a single sink to a double basin unit. Add accessories quickly by choosing one of our special furniture packs for the bathroom. Our 3D furnishings and fixtures library is constantly updated thanks to the cooperation of our local partners and to you our users. You can also select customizable furniture and change its size, color and materials.

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The bathroom: a crucial selling point for real estate professionals

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When showing a home, a well-decorated, and well-thought out bathroom can mean love at first sight for your potential clients. Whether it is a new home project or the resale of an older house, you can maximize your chances of selling success by presenting your potential buyer with the perfect bathroom suite.

And a high quality 3D rendering is a perfect way to present your design. Create the bathroom design and add the ideal lighting. Our Cedar Architect 3D Software does the rest of the job for you!
Don’t forget, however, that the bathroom isn’t the only room that can make or break the sale: the kitchen, and thus a kitchen remodel, is also a very important focal point in the real estate market.

Plan your renovation and expansion work in the bathroom

Bathroom remodel02

According to a study by Moen, forty-eight percent of homeowners wish they could make their shower larger! Other statistics also show that Americans spend on average thirty minutes in the bathroom every day. All the more reason to have the bathroom that matches your needs and preferences!

Remodeling your bathroom: an ambitious project

Remodeling most rooms of your house can be done with ease. Some rooms are indeed easy to be remodeled to suit your needs. Upon the arrival of a new baby in the family, you can add a bassinet to the room the baby will share with his or her older sibling. As kids grow older and become teenagers, you can buy them a queen bed instead of a twin bed. When your sofa starts to lose its firmness to the point that you feel yourself sinking in the cushions when you sit down, you eventually change it and buy a new one.

Bathrooms, however, are not as flexible and not nearly as easy to remodel. Just like the kitchen, the bathroom has a number of constraints such as new safety standards and the existing configuration of your taps and plumbing. Plus, the equipment, whether it be a sink or a shower, is usually permanently mounted on the wall or on the floor. Each major change requires some challenging work; yet another reason to plan your bathroom renovation before starting. Remodeling a bathroom isn’t something you do every day.

With Cedar Architect, you can easily plan the renovation or remodeling of your bathroom. Design your bathroom in 3D and use our 3D remodeling software to visualize your ideas for the renovation. Tired of your patterned tiles? Considering replacing the shower with a jetted soaking tub for more comfort? Thanks to our photorealistic rendering, you won’t be in the dark when you decide how to remodel your bathroom.

Bathroom makeover for professionals

Homeowners might be reluctant to carry out such a complicated project themselves. That’s why most will hire a remodeling specialist. Thanks to Cedar Architect, remodeling professionals are able to present their clients with a complete 3D bathroom renovation plan. They will later be able to work with them in order to find the final design to best suit their needs. Cedar Architect makes it possible for you as a remodeling professional to improve your customer’s satisfaction.

Are you still hesitating on the style and design for your bathroom? Go to our gallery of styles and ideas for inspiration!

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