3D home remodel

It can be difficult to picture how a new house or apartment will look like after adding furnishings and accessories. It’s even more so when it comes to renovations. Using 3D remodeling software and 3D remodeling online in general helps you visualize the proposed updated space before the construction starts. It even lets you experiment with different layout ideas quickly and easily.

Once you have created the existing floor plan online and have gotten a look at your house in 3D, you can start remodeling each room as you or your client need. Cedar Architect features interior design as well as exterior design and allows you to select 3D furnishings as well as various floor and wall materials to create stunning visualizations. Cedar Architect allows you to remodel and renovate your whole home, both inside and out.

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Try different layout ideas with Cedar Architect


Studio flats, apartments, condos, small houses, larger houses, new construction, and older buildings… not all homes are equal when it comes to renovating and remodeling. Some rooms allow for a number of update choices. Others, on the other hand, need to be carefully thought out to best optimize space. Cedar Architect is perfect 3D software for house remodeling, you can test every possible configuration. Our goal? Help you find the solution that works best for you or your client depending on the available space and on the structure of the home. To remodel all of your rooms to their full potential, even the smallest ones, you can look at our decoration tips and smart interior and exterior designs in our gallery for inspiration. And once you’re done with the floor plan, you can move on to 3D decorating and home staging itself.

The Cedar Architect bonus: our 3D furnishings library

Thanks to our library, which is regularly updated by our designers, our 3D software makes it possible for everyone to plan their 3D house remodeling projects according personal tastes. Our teams are constantly working to guarantee the Cedar Architect community the best 3D design/visualization solution there is. And thanks to the suggestions you send us on our forum, we are also able to take your needs into account when it comes to adding new furnishings and materials.

Planning home renovations and building additions


A room has become too small? It’s time to update the interior design? You need to upgrade a home to new building standards in order to improve energy savings? There are a lot of reasons for remodeling a house. Our 3D remodeling software allows you to plan these changes. From drawing new floor plans to visualizing a home’s new furnishings and decoration, our software assists you in every stage of your home project!

Reorganize rooms and remodel spaces

You want to upgrade your old kitchen and make it an open kitchen instead? Remodel your bathroom so you can add a bathtub instead of just a shower? Tear down the wall between the sitting room and the dining room to create a more open floor plan? Add a sunroom to gain light or to use it as a game room?

In Cedar Architect, you can erase walls with a single mouse click, drag walls and draw new rooms easily. Your new floor plan is ready in a few minutes. Add thicker walls if you’re renovating for energy saving purposes and extra rooms if you’re planning building an addition… the changes appear on the floor plan instantly. And of course, you’ll be able to visualize them in 3D!

Make good use of your HQ renderings

Renovating a house or adding a room to a home often means that you’ll have to prepare yourself for a lot of changes and, more importantly, for major building work by a specialized team or yourself. Avoid big surprises. It would be a shame to change your mind halfway through the project and delay the construction.

Big decisions often bring more questions than answers: should you go for a bay window or will French windows be enough to let enough light in? Will the new garage be big enough to fit a third car? Our superior graphics, which support transparency effects as well as accurate shadows, are extremely realistic. Test and adjust the plan in 3D before generating interior and exterior renderings and confirming your design choices. These HQ renderings are also a great way to enhance your house, especially if it is on sale!

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