Stage your home and sell it faster

Home staging is a technique used in real estate to increase the overall value of a property for rent or for sale. The point of virtual home staging is to show how a room can be used and present the house or apartment in the most appealing way.  It helps the prospective tenant or buyer imagine living in the home.

And it doesn’t necessarily take much to show the full potential of a home. Home staging sometimes means reusing current furniture and equipment and simply giving it a makeover to make it more appealing to potential clients. You’ll also be adding small touches in order to bring out the particular quality of a room or a space. Changing the contents is often all that is needed to make it more ‘sellable’, meaning you don’t necessarily have to remodel to sell.  Home staging specialists advise to spend 3% or less of the final sale price on your property’s makeover. Spending over 3% of the overall purchase price on home staging would indeed affect profitability.

Selling empty houses is challenging: stage it!

Dining Room Staged Traditional Cherry01

Pictures of empty rooms offer little help in selling homes.  Most potential clients cannot visualize their furniture in a room and find it difficult to grasp the real size of a room without furniture in it.

Cedar Architect is the perfect 3D virtual staging software and makes it easy to create those rooms staged with furniture and accessories!  Add a dining room table and chairs with place settings ready to serve a party.  Add a plant to add life to the room and lighting to provide a feeling of being in the room.

Photorealistic renderings of the rooms will present the house as the client might want to use it… and increase the emotional connection for the prospective buyer.


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Sometimes a room makeover helps staging!


Take the old and make it new! It’s all about making the room attractive to as many people as possible.  Update wall colors to a more neutral color with broad appeal.  If you have decided to renovate a room, repainting your older furniture can really make a difference. A chrome handle instead of a wooden one, pine furniture repainted white in order to brighten up a space… There is your old furniture looking brand new again! Smart and cost effective. Refreshing a room’s interior design and decoration is a great way to stage it for sale.

Before you start repainting your furniture, however, it is best to have a precise idea of how the final result will look. In order to avoid small mishaps and unexpected turns, there’s nothing better than 3D home staging. With Cedar Architect, you can explore our 3D library to find furniture that looks like yours and customize its appearance. Different color for the doors, another type of handle… You now know exactly what your furniture will look like after its makeover and how it will match your interior design.

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