3D home décor

To give life a project, you can’t just stop at creating your 3D floor plan and remodeling your home. What gives your project its unique quality project, whether it involves a new construction or the renovation of an older house, are all the little details that give your 3D house its personal atmosphere. And there’s more to achieving beautiful interior design and giving a space a feeling of home than just adding 3D characters here and there.

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Interior design and house decoration: it’s all in the details


That’s why our Cedar Architect interior design software includes a library designed for home decor. Add a DVD lying on the sofa, an open magazine on the coffee table, or carefully folded shirts in the walk-in dressing room… adding small details like this in your design help you and your client feel like the image is a real home rather than just a generic house. You can present how space is used along with the desired style.

The first step in presenting the ‘future’ vision of a home, is creating the floor plan with a layout that suits the needs of the potential client. Add special touches like built in shelving, or a spacious walk-in closet. To make the final rendering even more realistic and like ‘home’, add clothes in the closet or books and accessories on the shelves. The final interior design style of the house can increase the value and interest in the home.

And the best thing is, Cedar Architect comes with a library filled with furnishings and materials to make the house look and feel just right to the buyer. To speed the process, complete furniture and accessory packs are provided to speed up your creative design.

The perfect software for planning interiors

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The ease of decorating make Cedar Architect a great software tool for home stagers and interior planners. Not to mention that Cedar Architect also allows for easy adjustments in positioning, size and color to suit any room or style.

With our software, you can also export high quality renderings of your interior design in under two minutes! Cedar Architect provides lighting fixtures that you can leave off as decoration or turn on for illuminating a room. All you need to do is adjust the lighting if needed and change your view to set the angle of the camera. For the best rendering, choose one of the special settings for interior views. Our rendering engine takes care of everything else for you: calculation of shadows, transparency, reflections, texturing, etc.

Cedar Architect is the perfect online software design tool to increase the value of your home project through home decor and generate stunning before and after interior renderings of your project.

Design your interiors in 3D

With our interactive design software, you can use our extensive 3D library to furnish your home. Choose whether to preview your floor plans in 2D or in 3D and select and place the furniture and equipment you want to use from our library. Our library is organized by room and by category, which makes it easier to find the furniture you need to create or remodel your home, both inside and out.

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