Cedar Architect brings you new features: create quicker roofs, add exclusive doors and windows, manage split levels and much more!

Thanksgiving is coming early on Cedar Architect! Our software engineers have been working hard over the last few months to bring you special features that will definitely change your life! Our goal: make it even easier and faster for you to create your 3D architecture projects and your HD visuals!

New tools to manage split-levels projects

Do you want to create a drop ceiling, an elevated room or an area featuring a depression? You can now do this very quickly in Cedar Architect, which has been redesigned by our engineers to make split-levels easier to manage.

All you need to do is go to your Layout tab and use our Room Types option to modify the thickness of your slab and the height of your surface. And for even faster furnishing, all our decorating items adapt themselves automatically to the height of your floor!

Have a look at our brand new illustrated tutorials on Layout to learn how to use these new features!

Advanced options for doors and windows

So far, it wasn’t possible to add complexly shaped windows to your 3D home designs in Cedar Architect. This is why our graphic designers have designed for you a series of special windows. If you want to add a triangle window right under your gable roof for instance, you can now do it very easily by going to Wall Openings > Geometrical windows!

Overall, our catalogue now gives you exclusive access to ten brand new windows with an unusual shape, that is to say windows that aren’t square or rectangular. They can be sunburst windows, arch windows, circle windows and even rake windows.

These are perfect if you want to show your client an attic converted into a bedroom (or any other kind of living area), as is often required for remodeling projects. These additional window shapes will also work great if you want to create contemporary 3D home designs requiring atypical, geometrical windows, such as triangles, diamonds, half-moons… You will be able to combine and mirror them to create unique patterns for your home building projects.

You will also find new garage doors (sectional doors, tilt doors…) You can then adjust the settings of your garage so that the door starts right over your ground: all you have to do is diminish the thickness of the room’s slab.

Among our advanced customization options for doors and windows, you can set how they are to be installed: on the outside part of the frame, towards the inside of your room or in the middle of the frame.

Cedar Architect also allows you to apply material separately to the inside and outside parts of your window frame or door frames. Some windows also come with an automatic sill, which you can activate at will.

We explain everything in our new tutorials on doors and windows!

Brand new roofing features

So far, it could take a while to create complicated roofs on Cedar Architect. Our engineers have completely redesigned our roof design module to make it much easier for you to create roofs! Discover everything about our new roofing features in our dedicated Tutorials section.

Add a gable roof with one click

Our new roof design feature allows you to add automatic gable roofs. You can change your roof’s orientation by defining a different ridge start. Your can also adjust the offset of your roof if you want to have uncentered roofing.

If you create a roof with different wings, our software also detects merging possibilities and suggests an automatic joint valley pattern. This both allows you to save considerable time when working on your roof and proves ideal for 3D home design projects featuring converted attic space.

Only seconds to create dormers and skylights

Forget about complicated layouts to add dormer windows and skylights: preset, fully customizable 3D models are now available. It takes but a simple operation of click-and-drop  to add them to your roof. And of course, these types of windows automatically and seamlessly adapt to your existing roofs, so that you can create beautiful, lifelike interior renderings of your converted attic space and quality exterior renderings of your roof designs.

Automatic gutters

You can now add gutters to any of your slopes’ bases. For added realism, you can also insert downspouts with different angles and apply a selection of materials to all your pipes.

And to make life on Cedar Architect even easier…

This new version also packs a number of small, valuable additions, among which arrows to indicate the direction of your slope and help visualize your modifications, the possibility to indicate inclination with a percentage and not only in degrees, and the display of overhangs in the 2D display.

Start testing these new features now and tell us what you think! In order to make sure not to miss a thing about them, go to our Helpcenter and have a look at our tutorials!

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