Autodesk® Homestyler discontinued: don’t worry, Cedar Architect has your back!

Autodesk® announced that they would be parting from their Homestyler online software and mobile app on April 30. Autodesk® Homestyler allowed users to create 2D and 3D floor plans and home pictures on their Floor Planner platform. If you are worried about the stability and sustainability of working with Homestyler now that Autodesk is not behind it anymore, continue working on your projects with Cedar Architect now!

For a better vision of Cedar Architect rendering quality, you can compare these images made with Autodesk® Homestyler and Cedar Architect


Transfer your Autodesk® Homestyler projects to Cedar Architect with a few clicks

As a loyal user of Autodesk® Homestyler, you do not know which alternative to choose? You are afraid that you might lose all the projects you have taken time to create in case their new app isn’t as reliable as it was with Autodesk®? Not to worry!

With the “Trace Image” option, you can quickly recreate your projects developed with Autodesk® Homestyler with Cedar Architect. Save and export your 2D floor plans from Autodesk® Homestyler: then you can load the plans in JPEG or PNG format and trace right over them in our application. You will be able to keep working on your drawings and 3D designs on Cedar Architect, which combines ease of use, fast production and the ability to generate professional quality renderings.


Cedar Architect allows you to to create 3D floor plans, both interior and exterior renderings and even 360° virtual tours. Thanks to a user-centered interface and a catalog of 4,000 customizable products, you can generate beautiful tailor-made renderings of all your real estate, landscaping, construction, remodeling or decorating projects, in a matter of minutes.


Discover unique features such as 360° virtual tours!

We have not only made 3D technology available to all: we also offer you additional features, such as 3D landscaping (gardens, pools, terraces…) with a wide selection of exterior furniture.

Last but not least: Cedar Architect is equipped with a brand new 360° Virtual Visit generation tool, which makes it possible to visit an entire home with lifelike quality. The Virtual Visit provides a much more interactive and immersive experience than a classic video. You can also share your Virtual Visits on your website and social networks.

All of this can be done very quickly: render a full home in less than one hour!


Not convinced yet to join us? Experience Cedar Architect by yourself: test it for free on our demo version online!


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