Cedar Architect is not available anymore.

We’re excited to announce that while Cedar Architect closed its doors on July 1st 2022, it transitioned into the even better Cedreo software, fully dedicated to housing professionals.

Easier designing for faster selling. Discover Cedreo now.

Cedreo is the easiest to use 3D home design software for housing professionals. It is full featured so you have everything you need to sell your home design projects quickly. You can get started with Cedreo now for FREE to discover its amazing functionality:

  • 2D/3D floor plans
  • Instant 3D visualization
  • Automatic roofing
  • A catalog of more than 7,000 3D objects and materials
  • High-quality 3D renderings
  • Customer support


Get Started Free With Cedreo

Already using Cedar Architect? We have your back!

Since July 1st 2022, you are no longer able to use Cedar Architect. We’re here to help. Contact us if you have any question.


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